my best friends' birthday weekend...

Monday, November 22, 2010

My two wonderful best friends

My wonderful friend Cheli

Another wonderful friend of mine, Melanie

Gloria and her "Tiffaknee & Co."

Brent, Melanie and I being super silly!

This weekend was a double celebration. I don't know about you, but it seems like everyone's birthday is during the month of November. I've been celebrating birthdays ever since November started and it still hasn't stopped.

Two of my best friends have a birthday a couple of days apart, so they decided to combine both together. This year it wasn't the wild crazy night, it was just a nice dinner at a nice restaurant in Long Beach.

Although it was a much more mellow celebration, we still had lots of fun. I am very happy for the outcome but I am more happy knowing I have two amazing friends who have been there for over 13 years. Having not just one best friend but two, is a blessing itself! :)


Ps. I bought a turquoise bag for my best friend birthday gift and instead of saying "tiffany's and co." I wrote "Tiffaknees" as a joke. Everyone loved it!

Wearing: Top from Forever 21, Jewelry from Forever 21, H&M, and also Vintage.

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  1. You are gorgeous! Thats such a cute idea for the bag :)