Polka Dots....

Monday, April 9, 2012

Guess who's back? I am glad to be back. It's been quite sometime since I updated this blog. Last time I did such thing I was on my way to Hong Kong. Well let me tell you, Hong Kong was GREAT! I am glad for the wonderful opportunities I've been given recently. I will post those pictures later on. I have to go through 1000+ pics. So much to see and do. Anyways, its been lovely here in LA. I like to say I brought the beautiful weather from Chicago. 80+ degrees, I cant complain. I will post the Hong Kong pictures later on...As of now, here are pictures of an outfit I had on last week for work.


Wearing: H/M Polka Dot Blouse, Old J.Crew Pants, Tom Ford Sunglasses.

Thank you to my brother for being my photographer.


  1. gorgeous outfit! btw love your blog! i definately followed! keep up the amazing work & do you hink you could possibly follow me back? would love my blog to be as good as yours! xo

  2. cute! Love the outfit, laid back but still stylish!

  3. I like everything in this outfit!
    I love polka dots(I had a post for polka dots some time ago) and I can say that you combined your polka dot shirt perfectly.
    Love the sunglasses too!

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