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Thursday, April 23, 2015

As you all know by now I am BIG sports fan. I enjoy spending a couple of hours and forgetting about my hectic life by watching a game.

Although I love sports, I know there’s not many stylish sports attire out there. So whenever I go to a game, I always create my own outfit that I think is fashionable and stylish but still comfortable for a game.

Today I decided to create outfits around a baseball hat. Since there are not many stylish options in the sports department, you can definitely create an outfit around a baseball hat. A baseball hat is the most basic thing you can own; yet you can create so many outfits around it.

I chose a Dodgers baseball hat from Fanatics is an online store that specializes in sports apparel and all things related to sports teams. They have a huge selection of various baseball hats and all professional teams. So if you don’t like the dodgers (Ugh, how could you not? Hahaha j.k.), there are tons of other hats to choose from.

I chose the New Era LA Dodgers Classic 39THIRTY Flex Hat because it has a classic style to it and can be worn with different outfits even when you are not attending a game.

The first outfit I have created around my Dodgers hat is an outfit with a dress. I know many will not think of taking a dress to a game, but a dress can be one of those comfortable pieces for a game. I paired up the dress with some booties since I am not the type of girl to wear sneakers (unless I am working out). Also, since the temperatures can drop at night, I added a button up that can be tied around the waist and once the temperatures drop, you can wear it. And of course I can forget the statement pieces, besides the hat of course, which will be the necklace and red lipstick.

The second outfit is also based around the same Dodgers hat but this time I paired the hat with a white top and white pants. I added the sweater for those chilly nights, and of course some booties to give a light height. I added some Dodgers bracelets and incase the sun is still out, you can never go wrong with a classic pair of aviators.

These are my two outfits I created. I wanted to create more but I decided two would be enough. Like I said before, I know sports attire can be boring, but all you need is a baseball hat and you can create your own stylish outfit that shows your style!

I would love to hear how you wear a baseball hat. So don’t be shy and let me know!



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