Wednesday, November 9, 2016

I normally don’t do this. I keep my thoughts to myself. I have never felt the need to explain to anyone who I am or what I believe in. But today, what I just received, what I just saw, brought tears to my eyes. And this is only the beginning.

First and foremost, this is not about how hard my parents worked their entire life, how they were immigrants when they arrived to this country and became citizens or how now they are living the American dream. This is MY story and MY thoughts.

For those of you who don’t know who I am, my name is Lisa. I was born and raised in California. I am the youngest of my family but the most outspoken one. I was brought up to always speak my mind and always believe that I can do anything, be anything and have anything, if and only I work really hard for it.

My parents made sure that my brother and I understood how blessed we were to live in this country and how we shouldn’t take our freedom for granted. Especially for me, as a girl, I had many opportunities in this country. Although, at times criticized by the way we were being brought up, Americans first, we never once let that affect us.

Besides making us understand and appreciate where we live, my parents taught us about respect. Respect for others, respect beliefs and respect religions. I knew at a very young age we were all different and have different backgrounds and beliefs but that didn’t mean anyone was less human or less American because of it. This was inculcated in us from an early age and for that I am beyond thankful.

With this election, I saw one thing brought to light, and that is hate. Hate for the candidates, hate for the system, hate for the different races, hate for religion. This is not the country I call home. This is NOT the beautiful country I am so proud of. We have lost ourselves in anger and hate.

Yes, I am registered republican and I didn’t vote for the candidate of my own party in this election. Many were outraged when I said I wasn’t voting for the candidate of my own party while others applaud and called me brave. I am not brave. I don’t need gold medal for what I did. I don’t need to be attacked because I “turn my back” on my own party. I don’t need to be called a “disgrace”. I decided to vote for the person who I THOUGHT was the best fit. And I don’t need to explain anymore.

Now with elections over, the hate is even stronger. And it’s coming from everywhere and everyone.

I received this message from this person I decided to blur his or her name because unlike them, I refuse for anyone to be attacked or disrespected. Instead of answering, I started crying in my car. Not for myself, but for him or her. How can one person have so much hate? Why? Then I started thinking how we as a country, are divided more than ever because of our anger and hate.  

We have to accept the outcome but not accept the hate. We must end this. You must be thinking, who is this girl to ask for something? Yes, I am no one important with a title. I am just an ordinary woman from California. But I am an American, like you, that refuses to live in a country of anger and hate. Let’s end this and move forward. Let’s be optimistic. Let’s give everyone a chance. Let’s be one nation.

Thank you and God Bless.


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