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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I am sorry for the long hiatus. I've been really busy with school and taking mini trips. Just last week I went to Sacramento and Santa Barbara to celebrate my brothers birthday. We had a blast. Oh I just enjoy being in Santa Barbara. Besides the shops, the views are beautiful.

My cousin's are in town for this week and I since they never really seen LA, I decided to show them around all week. Yesterday we spent all day in Hollywood. Some how Tim (My navigation system, do you have a name for yours?) got us lost up in the Hollywood Hills. I didn't mind because we got to see amazing homes and views.

Hope you all are doing great. I promise more pictures to come:

I decided this little road was amazing to take pictures at
Hollywood Sign from the Hills.
The only date I have!
I was totally being the tourist. *sighs* Mary-Kate and Ashley

Wearing: Forever 21 long sleeve, leggings from LA, boots from target, Scarf from Ambiance San Francisco, Jewelry vintage and H&M


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