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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Let me start off by saying “Happy Tuesday!” Hope you are having a great Tuesday.

Yesterday I decided to wear one of my new A-line skirts. I never realized how many A-line skirts I had until I started cleaning out my closet. My love for A-line skirts is bigger than I thought.

I find these skirts to be classic, chic, and girly. Also, very comfortable! I know some of these skirts can over power a person as small as me but if you find the right ones, you wont have that problem. I bought this skirt from Urban Outfitters a couple of months ago after seeing on a stylist I follow. I absolutely loved it on her, and she is also petite like me. I figured it would work with my body since it worked with hers. Well I am glad I bought it because not only does it fit, the skirt is so comfortable and so light weight, its perfect for not only spring but summer too!

I paired the skirt with a crop top. Yes, I am wearing a crop top. But the skirt goes up really high that I don’t need to worry about exposing my stomach to the world, which is perfect! I have seen many paired an A-line skirt with crop tops and I think they are such adorable outfits! Currently I am not comfortable enough to expose my stomach just yet (working on the six pack). And also, I don’t think a woman of my age can pull off showing off her stomach. That’s just my opinion.

There are so many other ways to wear an A-line skirt you don’t have to wear a crop top. I have also worn regular tops with them. Just always make sure what you pair it off doesn’t over power your body if you are a petite woman like me. We need to be careful. Hahaha.

Let me know how you wear your skirts? Have a great Tuesday!



Currently Wearing: Urban Outfitters Skirt, Forever 21 Crop Top, Tory Burch Shoes, Chloe Clutch, Ray-Ban Sunglasses, Jewelry: Kate Spade Necklace, Coach Rings, Forever 21 Rings, and Custom Rings.

Pictures Taken By: The Bike Tailor

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