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Tuesday, May 14, 2013




Summer Spring Day!

Today the temperature is over 95 degrees. And although it feels more like summer than spring, I am loving every moment of it. Sure, I didn’t love it yesterday while at work with the broken air conditioner but today the air conditioner is working and I’ve been able to step outside to enjoy the sun for a bit.

Have you notice that when the sun is out, people seem nicer and friendlier? I guess those rays do help people’s moods.

Anyways, since it’s been crazy hot, and I thought the A/C wasn’t going to work, I decided to wear this light weight dress. It might not be an appropriate corporate environment dress, but when do I ever wear things that are appropriate to work. Sure, I don’t wear “club” clothes, but I find the typical corporate dress code BORING! And what’s the worse than can happen? Send me home! OK! I’ll go home and enjoy this weather! Hahaha. Jk!

Hope you are having a fabulous Tuesday. Don’t worry, we are closer to the weekend :)


Wearing: Old Target Dress, Jason Wu Scarf, Christian Louboutin Shoes, Ray Ban Sunglasses, Jewelry: Chloe + Isabel, Kate Spade, Lauren Conrad, and Vintage.

Pictures taken by: The Bike Tailor


  1. Girl it was 44 degrees this morning. Last night it was so cold that my body went into mini shock from me shivering. I had to stay home...and on top of that we are getting Cicada's they have stopped coming out this week! I'll take 95! hahaha...well not really more like 85


  2. Elle,
    OMG! Ok, I much prefer my hot weather than your cold weather. EKK!! Its May, why is it still cold?