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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Well many of you know that I am BIG shoe lover. I admit I must have over 300 pairs of shoes both designer and non-designer shoes. I don’t discriminate; I love all kinds and brands of shoes. Well my collection has outgrown my space and now I am trying to come up with ideas on how to store them. I have some on my bookshelf, as well as nightstand, side tables etc. I like to display my shoes because I honestly think they are pieces of art.

Since I have outgrown my space, I’ve been looking online on ideas. And I have seen many but the following pictures are just incredible. Some of these girls have rooms filled with shoes. Sadly, I don’t have a spare room I can use as walk-in closet for my shoes. But it’s always fun to look at what other girls have done and also dream of what I would do and how I would set up if I was able to do have a walk-in. A girl can dream right?

If you’re a big shoe lover, I am sure you are going to enjoy the following pictures. If you have any ideas or want to let me know how you organize your shoes, comment below! Enjoy!



In Rachel Zoe's words, "I Die!"

Pictures from: Pinterest, google images, tumblr.

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