The weekend is...

Friday, May 17, 2013

Officially here, and we should all head out to the country club!

What better way to start off the weekend by having wonderful weather like the one I am currently enjoying where I live. I went from complaining it was too hot on Monday, to loving the weather by the end of the week. Where’s my drink!? Hahaha

Since it’s warm enough to wear light clothing but gets a little chilly after 5p.m., I decided to wear pants. I am not really a pants kind of gal, but I do wear them because I easily get cold. I bought these H/M Pants a couple of years back, and although you can’t really see the details, they are floral. (“Flowers for spring, groundbreaking!” From which movie is this quote from?). I know many can be intimidated by prints on pants, especially if you are older than 21, but there are many pants that women of all ages can wear. Just stick with prints that are subtle. Don’t go for those crazy leopard prints that scream “I took these from my teenage sister or daughter”.

Well hope you have a wonderful weekend. Whatever you decided to do, please be careful and stay safe!


Wearing: H/M Top, H/M Pants, Zara Shoes, Z Spoke by Zac Posen, RayBan Sunglasses, Lipstick “Girl About Town” by Mac, Jewelry: Amrita Singh, Forever 21, Chloe + Isabel, Coach, and Custom.

Pictures Taken by: The Bike Tailor

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  1. Love Love Love those shoes!!! I know I can't even walk in them.