The truth about...

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

About my hair.

This is a very random blog post but I thought I should talk about it since I get a lot of questions about my hair.

If you know me, you will know that my hair is my security blanket. Recently I decided to cut it so I can donate hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths. My intention was to get a bob haircut but at the end I chickened out and just cut off 8 inches (enough to donate).  Although at times I miss my extra 8 inches of hair, I do not regret it because somewhere out there someone is going to love my hair as much as I did.

Even after cutting my hair, I still get compliments almost daily. And the most asked question is, “Is it real?” Yes, my hair is real. I do NOT wear extensions or clip-ons. I have really thick hair and A LOT of it. It grows very quickly. I also do not dye my hair. I haven’t dyed my hair in probably 6 or 7 years.  So when you see my hair, it’s my natural color. It looks black but once in the sun you will see I have light brown hair all over. It’s very strange but I like to think of it as a free hair dye job without using actual hair dye. Hahaha.

To be honest with you, I get insulted when people think I have extensions or clip-ons. I know many girls do that but I don’t. I don’t judge those girls who do. I encourage girls who don’t have a lot of hair to use them. But with my hair, if I used extensions or clip-ons, I would end up looking like a lion with all that hair.

Another thing about my hair is that it’s naturally wavy. As a baby and young girl, I had very straight hair but my hair texture started to change at 13. Now it’s very wavy so I usually straighten it but not every day. If I straighten my hair everyday, my hair would be so damage even if I was using heat-protecting tools.

The other question I get is, “How can I get hair like yours?” Well, I honestly believe my mother’s genes have to do a lot with it since she has very healthy long thick hair. But also maintaining and keeping up with your hair helps. As I mention before, I do not dye my hair, I do not straighten everyday or curl it every day. I do wash it every other day and I deep condition it at least twice a week. Also, not all people believe in vitamins but I am big on vitamins and I take hair vitamins.  And that is it, that’s all I do with my hair. 

If you are interested in what products I use in my hair, please leave me a comment and I will let you know. Always remember, the first thing people look at is your face and your hair, so always keep up with it!