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Friday, May 29, 2015

Friday is already here and I’m so excited because I can sleep in this weekend. Hahaha. I remember when Friday meant the beginning of a crazy weekend filled with parties and alcoholic drinks. Now it means I can stay in, watch some Netflix and catch up on all my shows recorded on my DVR. My life has changed completely, that’s for sure!

Friday’s are usually my casual day. After working and going to the gym I either put on some clean running shorts or some casual dress. Today I decided to wear this adorable jumpsuit I found at this one store that always makes me feel like I am way too old to be shopping there, and that’s Forever 21. Hahaha.

I am at the age where I am not so young but I am not old. I like to consider my age, the odd years. So when I enter stores like Forever 21, I almost feel like its reality check and I cannot pull 98% of the things being sold there. I am way too old to be wearing some of the things they sell. But every once in a while I do find something adorable and I buy it. I know I am not the only one that feels this way. I have a couple of friends who also feel they’re at that age where you just cant pull certain things anymore.

Maybe I am feeling older since my birthday is coming up and I am going through a quarter life crisis? Hahaha. No, I am just being realistic and knowing I can no longer pull off certain things like a teenager. I certainly can’t pull off some short shorts with a crop top. Not only am I too old for that, body parts will be popping out from that. As you get older, your body starts changing as well. It’s so much fun getting older! Hahaha.

Well enough about my quarter life crisis. I hope you have a great weekend. Stay Safe!


Currently Wearing: Forever 21 Jumpsuit, Christian Louboutin Platform Sandals, Vintage Coach Bag, Ray-Ban Sunglasses, Alex & Ani Bracelets, Kate Spade Watch, BaubleBar Necklace.

Pictures Taken By: The Bike Tailor

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