Stripes and…

Thursday, April 3, 2014


Happy Thursday!

We are closer to the weekend and I am super excited because that means I am closer to enjoying Opening Day at Dodgers Stadium! But first I must get through Thursday before the real fun starts…

So let me start off with this little incident that just happened. I usually don’t do this because I try to keep personal things not related to my blog to myself but I am so furious right now. I honestly cannot believe how certain people can be in this world. Incase you don’t know, I sell items I no longer use on Poshmark. I have never once had a problem with any seller or buyer. But recently I received an email from Poshmark letting me know a buyer who bought an item from me is saying the item is damaged. Never once has this happened to me and I like to describe all items how they are. If there are any damages, I will let you know. Well this person, whom I will not name, said the item was damaged. Now I am worried she damaged the item just so she won’t have to pay for it. I had many people tell me that there are a lot of scams where people say an item is damage and replace the good item with a damaged item to return it. I just hope my item is fine and returned to me ASAP. I will give this girl the benefit of the doubt and hope she did not do this or damaged the item.  Now when selling designer items, I will rather go through a secure luxury consignment store that specializes in selling designer items instead of Poshmark. I love Poshmark, don’t get me wrong, but I will no longer list designer items on there. I don’t need to go through this again. And I definitely don’t want to deal with buyers who cannot commit.

If you are still reading this, thank you for letting me vent. LOL! Well back to what matters and that’s this blog post. Since I’ve been in LA, the weather has been perfect. Honestly, this winter I realize how lucky I am to be born and raised in LA and enjoy perfect weather majority of the time. Winter in Chicago is just brutal! And not only Chicago but also other cities out in the Midwest and East Coast. I am sorry to all who have to deal with those brutal winters. You are all some brave people!

I’ve been lucky enough to be able to wear dresses and shorts. And today I wore this “dress”. I say “dress” because well to be honest with you, this is not a dress. This is a skirt. I am guilty of doing the skirt/dress thing! I am a petite girl, so this skirt was really long on me and made me look thinner and extremely short. So instead of giving it away or selling it, I decided I would wear it as a dress. Now you know my little secret. Hahaha.

Since I will be busy this weekend and I know I will not have time to do another blog post, I want to wish you a great and safe weekend! Enjoy!


Currently Wearing: Levis Denim Shirt, Skirt (worn as dress) from a local boutique store, Schutz Shoes, Prada Sunglasses, Louis Vuitton Handbag, Jewelry by: Bauble Bar tassel, Kate Spade Watch, Amrita Singh bracelets, Chloe + Isabel Rings

Pictures taken by: The Bike Tailor