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Monday, May 5, 2014

Romper love!

As you have noticed, lately I’ve been wearing a lot of rompers. I know I have said this many times but I absolutely LOVE them!!!!

If you are anywhere in Southern California, you have been dealing with this crazy heat wave. I live next to the beach and even at the beach it’s been in the high 90’s. There’s this dry warm wind, the ocean water is warm, and you take a shower and feel icky right after, it’s horrible! But at night, there is that beach breeze and makes you cold. This weather is so bipolar it makes it difficult to figure out what to wear. You must find something that keeps you cool during the day but warm during night. And that’s why I run to my rompers!

I actually found this romper on I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it because of the long sleeves. And I am still debating whether I should just have them remove. I think it makes it look more like those vintage nightgowns but yet again I kind of like them. We will see if I remove them or not. But the sleeves did keep me warm at night and I didn’t have to put on a cardigan to keep warm. Woo!

A lot of people have said rompers are not very attractive, and being a single girl, you would think I would care and not wear them, but I don’t.  Hahaha. I love rompers and jumpsuits. I think they are comfortable, sexy and perfect for day and night outfits. I wear them for me and not for anyone else. As long as I feel comfortable in them, that’s all that matters, right?

With that said, back to work. It’s barely Monday but I am already counting the days till Friday. Hahaha. Have a good week! Be productive!


Wearing: Lulus Jumpsuit, Manolo Blahnik Pumps, Ray Ban Sunglasses, Jewelry: Vintage, Juicy Couture, Forever 21, Custom.

Pictures taken by The Bike Tailor

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