Vegas Withdrawals…

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

After a great weekend in Vegas, I am back to reality. How I wish I was able to go back. Even though I lost sleep and most likely I will need to do a detox because of all the alcohol consumed, I still want to go back. Hahaha

I will admit that one of the hardest things to do is coming back to work after an entire weekend of partying. Maybe it’s my age or maybe I am just not made for it (anymore, hahaha) but its really hard. I sometimes look at people who are a lot older than I am and wonder how they do it? Partying all weekend is rough.  That’s why I don’t do it often and only party all weekend when I am in Vegas or Miami. If I partied the way I partied this weekend out there, I would end up with wrinkles and black circles under my eyes within the month. YIKES! Hahaha.

But regardless of how I feel right now, I wouldn’t mind going back. I had tons of fun over the weekend. And since I am going through something personal, I really needed a great fun weekend with lots of laughs. And my friends sure made that possible.

Yes, the saying is “What happens in Vegas, Stay in Vegas” and I will not go into details of what exactly happened, I will tell you that I haven’t laughed that much in a very long time. If you are ever down, go to Vegas. I promise you, you’ll have a great time that you will forget about every single problem you have. Sure you might come back tired and dragging your feet to work, but its worth it!

For now, I need to stop thinking about Vegas and focus on work. Perhaps start planning my next Vegas trip. Hahaha.


P.S. Happy Veterans Day! Thank you to all who have served for this beautiful country we call home. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! God Bless!

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