Monday, November 4, 2013

my two loves: Fashion and Sports!

Some of you might know that I love sports! I am the type of girl who screams, cheers and yells like a guy at a bar when his team is playing. I am not like those girls who hate sports or only like it because of their significant other. I LOVE Sports! I love football, baseball, hockey, and basketball. I even have my “Jersey Sundays” which means, I wear one of my favorite team’s jersey or shirt and I put my hair in a bun and out the door! Kind of like how I am wearing it here in these pictures. But don’t think I do this all the time. Sometimes, I just lay around my home with a big jersey on and snack on junk food and drink beer.

Many believe that sports gear is not fashionable at all. And sure, they might not be nicest and fashion forward but there are ways to make it look cute. But you have to admit, sports gear got a lot better through out the years especially for women!

I am definitely going to do more post like this because I want to show and maybe inspire those girls who do like to wear sports gear how to make them look a lot more girly and fashionable than just wearing it plain.

Today I paired my Chicago Bears shirt from Victoria Secret Pink Collection with a fur vest, jeans and some booties. Weather is definitely getting chillier so I am now able to wear my fur items. How exciting! Like I said before, I will post more of these posts in the future. If you do like sports, let me know how you combine your sports gear with fashion.

Hope you are enjoying your day!


Currently Wearing: Chicago Bears Shirt from Victoria Secret Pink Collection, Faux Fur vest by Zara, Joe’s Jeans, Lucky Brand Booties, Prada Sunglasses, Nars Dragon Girl Lipstick. Jewelry from Kate Spade and H&M.

Pictures taken by: The Bike Tailor

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